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Saturday, December 31, 2011

#Now its time to say Goodbye ; Bye 2011


Today is 31st December 2011 . How fast time flies ! Tomorrow is the new year , 1st January 2012 . They say 2012 is 'the end of the world' . I dont know maybe true , maybe wrong

2011 is a tiring year . But 2011 was very nice to me , Alhamdulillah . 2011 is the scariest year ever for me and to other SPM candidates 2011 . Sometimes , I just cant believe it that Ive done my SPM ! We've done our big exam ! Alhamdulillah .

Thank You 2011 , thank you for being niceeeee to me through out the year , Alhamdulillah Thank You Allah :)

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