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Saturday, March 31, 2012


Never again . I'd been cheated once by this handsome liar . It happened in 2010 . He messaged me almost everyday . Made jokes . Called me when he was free . Talked for hours , he was concerned about me but actually he didnt . He sent me many lovely texts . Call me Miss Bueno because I like bueno , so does he (but I think he lied) . He gave me a song . Oh I just remember ! The song is 'Hey Beautiful' . Sigh

Dulu webcam , skype tak famous lagi so he always invited me to see him played drums . He's good at it .His favourite word is awesome , that is why , aku macam tak suka orang cakap 'awesome' ni . He was kind to me but, behind his kindness he actually liked my bestfriend . So it was like he wanted to know about my bestfriend through me .

I'd noticed it actually but I thought he had forgotten my friend . Tapi kitorang takde any special relationship , hanya kawan baik

Tapi tak baik buat macam ni . You gave me hope .

And one day , a day before he left to his college , he met my other friends . They asked him about me and , this was what they told me . " Adila , he said you're not his bestfriend , you're only his normal friend , junior friend like that nothing special"

From that day , I stopped contacting him . He didnt know what was going on. (But till now aku tatau sama ada kawan aku tu ke yang menipu atau betul dia cakap macam tu ? tapi deep inside my heart , I know he didnt like me pun so maybe my friends are right ) . He kept sending me texts , asking me why I hadnt reply his messages . Lama kelamaan , bila berterusan macam ni , dia pun tak message aku dah . And that was the end of our relationship .

Alhamdulillah , now he already has a girlfriend . I hope she is his real love . InsyaAllah

So . Its hard for me to believe someone , especially men . My heart had been played . But No. Not anymore .Ya Allah InsyaAllah . I'll take good care of my heart .

I believe Allah made this because He wants me to be more careful in a relationship . Alhamdulillah Thank You Allah .

Aku tak sedih , aku sumpah dah tak ingat dia lagi . Alhamdulillah .

Sudah sudah lah lelaki . Jangan mainkan perasaan perempuan . Be honest to them . If you dont like her , SAY the truth ! Dont keep layan dia but actually there is somebody else in your mind . Please , please .

Kau buat baik kat orang , orang balas baik , InsyaAllah . So please , Im begging to all men in this world . Be nice , be honest .


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