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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

#Too sweet

Berapa banyak pun social networks u have , we do really need a diary in our life , a book to write everything ; like a secret , a crush , a hater . No i didnt write about my 'haters' . I dont have one and I dont hate anybody like 'really much' . So I wont waste my time writing about them . I wrote more about things I bought , fashions I like , people I like (that's a must haha , not really ) and also my happy moments :) Alhamdulillah for this life ya Allah .

So this is my diaraaaay .


yanamia said...

nama ite ade tak? hehehee

little.zirA :) said...

cantiknyaaaa dilaaaa! and. rajin gila awak tulis, lukis, paste pictures in your diaryyy! :O impressive! hehe

Nur Adila said...

Diyana : Haha gambar kau ada au dlm diary aku :) hehe

Zira : thanksss zira . Saje suka kumpul memories :)

Niϟa said...

Serious lawa diary kau. Haha. Diary aku tah kemana tah. Hilang :'(

Nur Adila said...

Nisaa haha thank u . Bila ada free time aku update la diary hahah . Eyyyy camne nak follow blog kau ??

Niϟa said...

hehe. kan ada followers dekat blah kiri and bawah sekali tu. follow jela :D