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Sunday, April 29, 2012

#All praises to Allah

Ayah bought me a Maher Zain's new album . Im so touched . I didnt ask him to buy . Anyways thank you dad . I love you :)

Seriously , I love all the songs in the album . So calm . Alhamdulillah . Ya Allah ,please bring me, us close to You . Amin

Somehow this kind of song (nasyeed songs) can change you for good . Macam lagu Maher- InsyaAllah tu , aku rasa lagu tu so deep dan sedikit sebanyak beri kesan dekat aku untuk berubah pakai hijab . Alhamdulillah . Hidayah Allah boleh datang in any way :) Alhamdulillah

So here , ill list my favourite songs in the album :

Ku Milik-Mu , Number one for me , My little girl , Forgive me , One big family , Paradise , Freedom , So soon , Tuntunku Kepada-Mu


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