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Saturday, June 2, 2012


This will a very short message from me before I sleep . Okay assalamualaikum guys , hi :) I hope you're doing fine and are blessed by Allah . InsyaAllah .

So tomorrow , I'll be away to Uitm Puncak Alam or also known as Palam . Ya Allah , Semoga dipermudahkan urusanku sepanjang aku berada di sana InsyaAllah Amin .

Dear btho-ians , Im going to miss every single of you . To all my buddies , please study hard and well . InsyaAllah we all can succeed . Amin . Wherever you are studying at , its not the matter . What matter is lets aim our goal InsyaAllah

I wish you guys all the best . May Allah hear our prayers and make our dreams come true . InsyaAllah . Pray for me .

Pray to Allah . InsyaAllah He listens :)

Ya Allah , time flies so fast . Now its my turn :) If you ask me what I feel right now , okay i feel a bit of nervous . Ya Allah , I just hope my life will be great at Uitm Puncak Alam InsyaAllah and lets pray for higher pointer. InsyaAllah Amin Ya rabbal alamin

Okay . The time has come . I have to sleep right now . Assalamualaikum

Bye Btho-ians , Hello Palam-ians

Bismillahirrahmannirrahim .

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