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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Assalamualaikum and a very good morning :) May you have a good day today and everyday  InsyaAllah

Im thinking to write about what course to take for degree. I have another 5 months to finish this foundation InsyaAllah and of course I have to decide what I wanna be , what course I want to pursue for degree .

When I was young , I desperately wanted to be a doctor . But then , when Im growing up , go for check up at the hospital , see the doctors , their duties , their jobs , blood , bleeding , injections, on-call , most of the time at the ward , crowded with people  -I started to think ,this is not what I want to be , this is not my field , Im not into this field anymore . Its not me .

Im taking foundation in science because I love Biology , I really love reading , not really actually -_- but I love to study about myself , biology is about us , our body . So knowing our body , how certain  organs work somehow it is interesting . But further study in medicine or something that relates with science for degree hmmmmmmm , I dont think so .

Sometimes I feel like forcing myself to study hard , have a courage and just go into medic. But  studying and working is two different things .You can study , you can stay at one place reading books , do revisions , but when it comes to work , when you have to apply what you have studied like doing an experiment , you will feel like Why on earth Im doing this , this is not what I want to be . So doing something you dont like, it is like doing with no heart -empty . I dont want to be like that.

So , hmmm , I have to make a right choice then :) InsyaAllah , Wish me luck . Thanks for reading :)


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