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Sunday, November 11, 2012

#Believe in yourself


Today I woke up early , rushed to SMK BTHO 2 for Muet . Alhamdulillah it's finally over :) Muet was moderate . I just hope Allah save me again this time . Ya Allah , Amin . I hope I pass the test , we all pass the Muet test, get high band Amin Ya Allah , please . InsyaAllah .

Ah I miss my school #honesthour ! I miss wearing my maroon school uniform :'( I miss everythings . Lima tahun , dari form 1 till form 5 , lima tahun bukan sekejap , lima tahun lama . The memories are still fresh , refresh, always in my mind . Still :') The laughter , the tears , the joy , the jokes , the critics , the friendships , the enemy , the gossips , the awkward moments :)  Memory . It does not rewind , but it stays . InsyaAllah

So actually , yesterday was a results day for Uni students . First of all , I want to congratulate those who got 4 flat ! Ya Allah , you are so intelligent , gifted and mann you should be very thankful to Allah ! You are the chosen one ! Alhamdulillah :)

And to all my friends who got high pointer or DL , I am very happy for youu .And itsss good enough if you can score 3 and above .  Seriously , science course is not easy , maybe some student can handle it easily , but not all   . There are many words , formulas , diagrams , shapes , techniques to be remembered . Respect betul siapa yang memang nak further in science field for their degree nanti :) Best of luck my friends :')

So my pointer is 3.57 . Alhamdulillah Ya Allah this is more than enough . Thank You Ya Allah for listening to my prayers -again and again :") I love You the most . Alhamdulillah . This is way better than what I was expecting . Again Alhamdulillah . I just hope for next semester , I can maintain my pointer or get higher pointer , InsyaAllah . Amin .

I want to study harder for next semester ! Please remind me okay !

I dont know why Im happy with my results though many other students got much higher than mine . Im just being grateful . Ya Allah Alhamdulillah . Honestly speaking , the exam was hard ! Physics paper , I still remember how hard the questions were . I was so sad because I did revise those chapters . I spent a lot of time revising physics but ended up I couldnt answer most questions . Ya Allah , I swear , I cried silently in the exam hall . I couldnt answer it .

But I forced myself , I wrote whatever formulas I know on the paper , I showed all the working on the paper . Correct or wrong , I didnt mind . And I was running out of time . I was so clumsy . Few questions tak sempat jawab . Ya Allah I was really upset

When the time was up , lectures were collecting the papers and the student were allowed to leave the exam hall and I was the last person to leave the hall . Housemates tunggu dekat luar ajak jalan balik hostel sama sama but I refused (I felt so bad that time , sorry Wani, I love you) And luckily , Wani understood . So I walked to my hostel alone .I just wanted to be alone .  It was 6.15 pm

Sampai block hostel ,aku tak naik terus , aku duduk dekat foyer and called my bestfriend , Liyana . She was really kind to give me advices . Bless her Ya Allah  . She is so motivated ! Hahaha . And I felt better after talking to her :)

And what surprised me is I got A- for Physics . Alhamdulillah :''''' Im sorry for being so happy , sorry sangat but I think Allah simpati dekat aku . Alhamdulillah Ya Allah :''')

Okay thats all , I want to study hardddddddddddddddddddddddddd for next semester ! InsyaAllah . May Allah bless .  Amin



Anonymous said...

Cantik kasut akak. Boleh sy tahu jenama apa? Harga?

Anonymous said...

Cantik kasut akak. Boleh tak kalau nak tahu jenama apa dan harganya.

Nur Adila said...

Thank you . Akak beli dekat pink evil supermarket kat pavi . Rm 130 kalau tak silap lah