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Life is a journey towards knowing Allah The Almighty and learn to change to be a better servant of Him . InshaaAllah

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Leave the rest to Yang Maha Esa , Allah .


Its not easy to leave him , somebody you are close with . To change for good .To control your feelings . Bukan mudah . But for Allah's sake , I'll try , InshaaAllah .

Time will make us realized , can make us changed . To be better or worst ? You choose .

I wont fall in love with anyone until the right time comes . I choose this path , back to Allah even closer , we call this as back to Fitrah , to our true love ; Allah . InshaaAllah.

Cinta juga fitrah . Tapi kalau cinta yang lalai , leka , alpa , yang tiada ikatan , yang bawa dosa . Babe , itu bukan fitrah . Aku bukan alim sangat . But what I know , itu dosa . Kan?

Ada otak fikir sendiri . Aku pun cuba untuk fikir ni .

And this is the best way . Dude , I know its not easy . But believe in Allah's plan , in qada' dan qadar . Kalau dah jodoh tak kemana . If its meant to be , its meant to be . If not , maybe there will be a reason . What Allah had planned is the best for us . Noktah

Everything will be just . Just fine . InshaaAllah :)

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