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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Time Flies

Upu form for Fasa Kedua is opened yesterday . So I was busy drafting what courses to take until I had no time to update about my 1st anniversary as a Palamian .

So actually yesterday , 3rd of June was my 1st anniversary as a Palamian . How fast time flies . Dah setahun dah :') How I miss being an asasi student , being a Palamian . It was the best memory ever . Ever !

I know many people at Palam (Palam stands for UiTM Puncak Alam) . They are from different schools and backgrounds but we are like one family . You know Im not from a boarding school right so bunyi macam jakun sikit , macam tak pernah jumpa kawan .

Say what you like . Haha

But yes , walaupun beberapa bulan je kenal tapi bonding dengan housemates and classmates tu  kuat . Kenapa eh ? It makes me wonder . Maybe when we live far from our family (far lah sangat haha sejengkal je pun) , and we met new friends , and those friends pulak macam masuk dengan kita , so automatically kawan tu akan jadi part of our family . We feel like a family . Yes . True :')

Okay , I miss them :(

And by the way , juniors yang dapat Puncak Alam dah pun daftar last weekend .Alhamdulillah Im glad I've helped them a lot . I tried to answer all the questions from them . There was a time , I felt so tired to reply because they keep asking me the same question . Same question from different people . Cubalah scroll down jawapan jawapan kat bawah sebab aku malas nak repeat . Then ada pulak sorang budak ni cakap macam ni

"Sorry lah kak tanya benda sama , tapi saya malas nak scroll down jawapan , banyak sangat . Akak tolong kitorang , nanti Allah tolong akak pulak"

And from that I realized he/she was right :) InshaaAllah

So statistic yang view blog aku last month sampai 5000+ , haha sampai dah boleh earning money from google dah . Most viewed pasal Palam lah haha .

Last but not least , Im glad that I've help them . Alhamdulillah . Its because I love Palam :') I want them to enjoy their life at Palam like I did . InshaaAllah .

Pray for the best .

Assalamualaikum .

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