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Saturday, July 6, 2013



They asked me ,
"Dah ada boyfriend?"
"Why single?"
"Find lah one boyfriend"
"You should find one at this age"

These kind of questions sometimes can bring my mood down  , what can I do is just to give them a smile .

Ya Allah .

Sometimes I asked myself , salah ke apa yang aku buat ?

Yes .

Everyone wants to be in love . To have somebody .To share things they like . To share problems . To share life with somebody they love for the rest of their life . Who doesn't . Tell me who doesn't ?

But .

But I don't want to do those things with a guy who is not my mahram yet . A guy yang tak halal lagi untuk aku . Im trying to avoid that .

We live to please Allah . To have His mercy . That's what Im trying to do . InshaaAllah . Amin

Let Allah plan my journey. InshaaAllah . Amin

Kalau ada jodoh di dunia , adalah InshaaAllah dan Alhamdulillah . Namun , kita hidup pun bukan lama . Allahu Akhbar .


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