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Saturday, September 7, 2013

Mds September 2013

Bismillahhirrahmanirrahim .

Assalamualaikum , im home after 5 days of orientation . Mds is finally over Alhamdulillah and Alhamdulillah ya Allah for making everythings easy for me . 

The power of Dua . True . Alhamdulillah . Allah is All Hearing . He gives what we want , He gives what is best for us . 

So Alhamdulillah my roommate is my Instagram friend . She is Palamian too but we never talked to each other at Palam . So at first it was a bit awkward and she is so pendiam-lah-sangat . But after that , we talked bout random stuffs and unexpectedly she knows everything about my friends like whatttttttt . Hahaha it is so scary lol . But I find it so kelakar . Yelah , she's from Palam kan , so obviously she knows many ex Palamians .

After the orientation ,we've moved to Melati . Kolej tetap . Alhamdulillah again the furnitures are all new ! We are the first users . Tilam pun still covered by plastic . But still , toilet dekat luar and lantai takde mozek and empat orang sebilik . 

Palam is wayyyyy better but let's stop comparing haha . 

And oh the orientation week is Alhamdulillah . It was quite fun but tiring . I met so many Palamians and few matriks students yang senang sangat kamceng . They are too nice Alhamdulillah . And Alhamdulillah my floor mates are mostly in the same faculty as mine . So we can go to the faculty together inshallah and yea my other roommate sama pulak course dengan aku . Hope we'll be a good friends . Amin .

Hah ! Talking about courses , kat sana mostly aku tanya semua course yang hebat hebat . Dentistry , engineering , medic . Somehow rasa kecik but I know Allah's plan is the best , I'll accept everything And will study hard , InshaaAllah :) 

Ya Allah , permudahkanlah segala urusan kami . InshaaAllah .

And make us close to You Ya Allah . 

Amin .

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