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Sunday, October 20, 2013



Hi ! I do love shopping , I do love buying new things even benda tu small or cheap ke , especially when it is in pink . It can make me happy like seriously . If you ask me to choose between food and shopping , i definitely will go for shopping ! I dont care about food . Thats why I love to go shopping alone cuz I dont have to spend on food plus I can save my money and do lots of shopping ! Hehe im so excited talking about this ! 

Okay , I have to stop it -.- 

Haha . So actually , Ive bought my very first brushes , they are in pink , ombre pink , from F21 . Im not a make-up lover but I think I have to have them (ehem , because Im already 19 yow) . And also a new shawl from H&M because I love floral prints .

Thats all , wish me luck for my acc quiz on this Monday . May Allah ease everything . Amin . Have a good day everyone ! 

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