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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Bonts

Mid sem break is here ! Alhamdulillah . But for upcoming week I got two tests , so I have to study this holiday , ok never mind . But first let me take a selfie haha . 

So yesterday I met The Bonts , er I mean my bestfriends . Lol its hard to explain if you ask me what Bonts stands for ? It is actually urmm an organ , ermm a fluffy one , function as a cushion for our bones . HAHAHAHA . I hope you dont get it . Hihi 

Its been a while since our last meeting . Everyone looks prettier and handsome now . Rindunya ! Yang degree dah masuk sem 2 , yang diploma almost nak graduate . How fast time flies ! Everyone has grown up , not a school kid anymore . 

But I miss school life , where we could meet every day at school , we could sit and gossip 24/7 . We could easily meet up during weekend . Now , its different . Cuti sem selalu tak sama . Sorang free sorang busy . But it wont stop our friendship because we have a whatsapp group for The Bonts , a place where we share everything :') Jatuh bangun kita bersama . Stay like this okay Bonts ? 

I love every single of you .

Kawan sampai Jannah . InshaaAllah . 

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