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Friday, May 9, 2014

Im 20 and something has changed


dont really have that so called 'flawless face' . My face is covered up by make ups . Fake . I know . And somehow I feel low confidence to go out with my bare face . How to overcome eh ? 

Everyday , before going to class , I will put my make up on -- its like a routine . Honest to say , it can brighter my mood , my day , my confidence level , yes , it does . 

But I dont put such heavy make up , do I ?

I dont wear eyeshadow to class ---Of course not weh ! And I can proudly say that now I can go out without wearing an eyeliner  . How cool is that ?! Man , I never never thought for once that I can live without eyeliner ceh .

Maksudnya , dulu , lukis eyeline atas mata is a wajib thing . Alhamdulillah , I can overcome that habit :') Cakaplah tahniah sikit ;) 

Still learning how to make up naturally . 

But the best make up is wuduq . I know :) 

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