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Saturday, July 26, 2014

A day out


Hi everyone ! We meet again  . So theres only one day left before raya , and Im pretty sure everyone is busy preparing for raya . Hmm I have nothing much to say about my preparations because I dont prepare anything . Okay tu tipu . Adalah prepare tapi sikit je . Tapi apa pun Alhamdulillah .

(I'll update about my raya later .  InshaaAllah) 

So , last thursday my friends and I went to pavillion . Accompanied Nani to buy her make up stuffs . It was fun sebab first , aku tak pernah masuk kedai make up mahal mahal so dengan Nani aku dapat try lipstick kat kedai kedai tu hahaha perangai . ( Im sooo gonna buy that lipstick after raya! ) . Second sebab aku suka dengar dorang pot pet pasal make up and stuffs . Third , sebab aku tak keluarkan banyak duit on that day . Yay !

What can I say is my friends love to spend on make up rather than spending on clothes . I mean they spend MORE on make ups . I can see how excited they are when talking bout make up stuffs .Haha . 

Oh lupa , i bought a red lipstick from L'oreal . My very first red color lipstick haha . Actually I prefer natural color lipstick like pink or nude color . I have no guts to wear red lipstick but Nani said , 'Boleh tak kau keluar dari comfort zone kau' . Maka terjadilah proses jual beli lipstick merah . Kahkahkah

They do influence me . 

No . 

Erm yes . 

A little . Ngahaha 

(But I still dont know how to make up like a pro , hmm ok bye)

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