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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Apa khabar ?


First of all , Alhamdulillah . I feel better now . Thanks for all the doa and good advices . I really appreciate and need it . May Allah reward all your kindness . InshaaAllah . 

It may sound funny but I miss Uitm Seremban 3 . Haha I miss my fac , next week Ill be back to Seremban to continue my sem 3 , InshaaAllah dengan izin Allah . Been mc for a week yaw . 

I believe at hard times , we do need some strong positive vibes .  Im glad to have my family and friends who keep giving me such positive vibes and advices . 

Like this one . I cried when I read it , thanks babe for this quote : 

"Hati yang tenang ialah hati yang sentiasa mengingati Allah . Biarpun badai melanda , tetap teguh dan tidak goyah .

Allah mendidik hati hati manusia dengan memberi ujian menimpa-nimpa . Berbahagialah untuk mereka yang berjaya mengharunginya" 


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