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Friday, September 19, 2014

FSKM , Uitm Seremban 3 , Kampus Cawangan Negeri Sembilan Kejolobak Kejelebu

Assalamualaikum . 

First of all , Alhamdulillah today is Friday . My official Rehat Day ! So since Im free right now so Im gonna write about what I feel of being a Uitm Seremban 3 student .

Honestly , I love to be here . Truth be told . 

Walaupun every week I always cabut balik rumah , walaupun I nagged every time I packed my stuffs to go back to my college , walaupun I keep counting days to mid and final sem break or any public holidays . But you know deep down , deep inside my heart , I love to be here , I love to study here .  

I dont know ,  its ...weird . 

I dont have many friends  , I dont even have a crush lol .

Maybe because of its calmness . I feel calm . Alhamdulillah . 

And I always say this to myself , "Dila , you're gonna miss this place one day like how much you miss Palam

Its like haihh . Dear Uitm Seremban 3 , Ill appreciate you every single day . InshaaAllah . 

So to those who will continue study here doing  diploma or degree , I tell you that you will love this place . InshaaAllah 

Ill be here at Uitm Seremban 3 for another two years  more InshaaAllah . 

Semoga ia menjadi kenangan terindah . Amin 


P/s - Im reading back this post and yes , Uitm Seremban 3 has been good to me :') Sweetest memory ever . 

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gempaksher said...

Wow, ni lah tempat yg student fskm kena pindah ke seremban ea? ke Jasin? Tak sempat kena pindah sbb dah tahun akhir.