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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

My 20th Birthday

Assalamualaikum .
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah . I am officially 20 years old ! Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah all praises just to Allah . 

First of all I want to thank my parents for taking good care of me and shape me for who I am now . And secondly , thanks for all the wishes , doa and good words guys . MashaAllah , may Allah bless all of you . InshaaAllah . Amin .
Then tomorrow my friends , The Bonts came over my house and gave me such a lovely surprise ! It was so Unexpected! 
. Thank you so much for baking me a beautiful delicious cake ,  siap ada balloon lagi  . Sweeeet angat ! 

Thank you guys . I cant thank you enough . I love every single of you . Thanks babe for the presents . Love youuu babe . 

And to my roommates , Hajar and Yana , thanks for buying pizza for me . Thanks for kek batik . Thank you so much ! You guys are so nice . 

Somehow , I think , what I have done to deserve all this good deeds . People around me are so nice . Alhamdulillah Ya Allah Ya Rabbi . 

I cant reply all your good deeds but Allah will . InshaaAllah . May Allah bless all of you . All of us . Amin . 

Thanks for making my 20th birthday so amazing and memorable . Alhamdulillah . 

Hi saya sudah berumur 20 tahun hehe . 

Alhamdulillah Ya Allah . 

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