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Sunday, January 11, 2015

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'When the doctor told me about that , my heart breaks into pieces . She told me not to worry . "It is just a little" , she said . But it's still there . I dont know what will happen in my future . Sometimes , the thought of "Im not healthy like other people" makes me feel down . I feel like it's the end of the world . But I know , giving up is not the way . Life must go on . 

Before my time comes , the only thing that I want to do now is to make other people happy . Many ways can do . Do more giving , buy them food , give them a present , spend quality time , go travelling together and so much more . Because I just want them to feel happy and thankful like I do in my life . Allah has given me a lot . Now maybe its time for me to give to others . InshaaAllah . May Allah bless' 

When I read this story posted by someone , I wish that I could be as strong as her . Yes , life goes on :)


fieqakmal said...

Allah uji sebab Dia sayang. Take care babeh. kiss ciked :*

Nur Adila said...

Thanks bebeh . Muahhh