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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Asasi Sains Uitm Puncak Alam 2012/2013 ( Reminiscing )

Assalamualaikum . 

I was about to sleep but then I scrolled my insta feeds and found someone posted her throwback picture at Palam and she said she miss that moment . Weh I also lah !! Hmmm .

I miss Palam so much Ya Allah ..I cant even move on from the memories though it has been yearsss I left my asasi life . Swear ,  I never miss any place like how much I miss Palam . I feel , it was like a little piece of heaven that Allah had given to me . Sorry it is so hyperbola but I feel that way . So sweet , too much sweet memories . 

Sometimes I couldnt believe that I used to be a Palam student as it happened so fast . I feel like it was just like a dream , a short dream . 

It was the best memory ever in my life . I still remember how cuak I was on the night before I went off to Palam , tak boleh tidur weh haha . Yelah , first time nak masuk Universiteyyyyy kot . Excited but nervous sangat masa tu . It was in June , 2012 if not mistaken . I never , never for once thought that it was the starting of my best journey in life that I wont forget till forever . Alhamdulillah , thank You Allah . 

Call me Miss-cant-moving-on , but if I could back in time , I would choose to live my asasi life again ! Seriously ! I want to stay with my crazeee housemates again , Diyana , Wani , Aishah , Diana , Bella , Mira and Nisa . Rindu nak makan together ramai ramai sambil gosip sambil nyanyi sambil buat lawak sambil ketawa  . Oh God . I miss that time :( 

Oh . I think what made it so meaningful is because of them , my housemates . Setiap kali hari ahad , masa mak and ayah nak hantar balik Palam , eventhough rasa malas , tapi sebab tahu ada housemates yang tunggu je kat rumah tu buat aku rasa tak sabar nak balik Palam . Honestly . That small house really felt like home . 

I still remember the last week of asasi , eight of us cried together at the living room because we knew we had no much time to spend together . 

And now , semua dah buat haluan sendiri , mengejar cita cita masing masing :") Girls , I pray that all of us will succeed in everything we do and lets make us proud with each other . InshaaAllah . Tak sabar nak tunggu siapa kahwin dulu haha . 

Oh we have a group whatsapp dan dorang selalu whatsapp dekat group ayat ni :

"I wish we were at that small little house" :') 

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