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Friday, August 7, 2015

12.15 am

What makes a friendship or relationship works ? 
The answer is easy , honesty . 

What kind of friend / husband / wife are you if you keep hiding something that your friend or partner needs to know .Where is the value of your friendship / relationship ? 

Just be honest . It's not that hard .  

Now I'm focussing about a friendship . 

Sometimes there are people that I can easily get along with , and I tried to find out what is so special about her or him that I feel happy to talk and befriend with . And I realized , it's because of their honesty . Their honesty in speaking and everything she or he did for me . 

It's true . You'll feel loved if you have this kind of friends . You don't feel cheated . I pray that all of us will find friends and a partner like this , InshaaAllah . 

I trust people easily . But once if it's broken , I would never ever trust them anymore . I may forgive , yes , but to trust them again , I dont think so because I am not the type who gives a second chance . 

I just need a few friends that can be trusted . Yes . 

So for me , honesty is very very important . Do not break it !

Or I'll break your nose . 

Haha jk . Assalamualaikum . 

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