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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Kisah hidup


Alhamdulillah . All praises just to Allah , The Most High . 

We know that everything in our life is just a 'pinjaman' from Allah . Even our soul has to return back to Allah , The Almighty. 

And one of the biggest nikmat (gift) has been taken back by Allah from me which is nikmat kesihatan . It was long time ago. (But Alhamdulillah Im still healthy )

Alhamdulillah though I'm not like other normal healthy people , but eventually , Allah has given me more that what He has taken away from me . Haha air mata jangan keluar please 


It's nothing compare with His great blessings towards me . Alhamdulillah. Allah gives me more than I could have asked for .

May this test can bring me close to You Ya Allah InshaaAllah . 

Tiada apa yang lebih indah daripada sesuatu yang dapat mendekatkan diri kepada-Mu . 

Terima Kasih Allah :) 


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