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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Cerita praktikal ku .. demi segulung ijazah .

Assalamualaikum .

Alhamdulillah , Im done with my internship . 4 months berlalu sekejap je . Internship at Tabung Haji was so much fun . First because of its location at Putrajaya (I really love working at Putrajaya ! So calm driving to work every morning because the road not so sesak macam KL and Im living at Semenyih so it takes only half an hour to Putrajaya , heaven sangat! ) 

Second because my supervisor is super nice . Alhamdulillah . He's such a good leader , very helpful , dedicated and willing to share his expertise and knowledge to his one and only (beautiful and gorgeous :p) practical student (Oh I forgot to tell ya , yes , I was the only one practical student there -_- it was so awkward at first but nasib baik ada a few pelatih SL1M ) 

And third , because the colleagues are all friendly and funny . They treated me nicely . Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for blessing me with good people . 

Actually , tak semudah yang disangka untuk memohon tempat praktikal ni . Tak .Its not that easy , man . 

The first company that responded to my application was Khazanah Research Institute . However , I failed the interview (yes , they have interview) . It was my first ever interview in my entire life , kau tau jelah kalau first time interview macam mana . So unprepared , teruk sangat weh . Ok Malu nak ingat balik HAHA but it was a good experience lah (daa~)
(At Mercu Uem , masa interview dekat Khazanah , cantik tempat dia , cuma interview je yang tak berapa nak cantik ha ha)  

And then dapat offer from MIROS . Aku da siap print out the offer letter and already sent it to my lecturer dah pun . But last minute boleh pulak dia reject aku sebab dia kata tak perlukan praktikal student in their research department -_- . Haha kelakar pun ada . Ada jugak kes macam ni , terjadi dekat aku pulak tu...

I also applied Felda dekat HQ dia tu . Lepas tu ada lah dapat call from Felda twice (its their HR department's number) tapi I didnt answer the call as I was in my lecturer's room . Lepas tu I called the number back , banyak kali okayy , tapi haram tak angkat haha . So melepas lah . Lesson of the story , phone kena allert ! Once tak angkat , the company will ignore you -___- as they think you mungkin dah ada tempat praktikal lain . 

Masa tu , most (or maybe all) of my classmates dah dapat offer but I didnt get any offer yet . I almost gave up with my internship application sebab most companies that I'd applied didnt give any response . My applications were hanging . Penat tunggu weh . Sometimes I think , is it so hard to at least reply something like "Sorry , your application is not successful because there was no vacancy" or apa apa lah . Dont give hope ... 

Here are the companies that I'd applied and didnt give any response on my internship application :

Petronas , TM , Sapura , Sime Darby , Takaful Islam , Lembaga Zakat , Maybank , Bank Islam , Perbadanan Putrajaya , Agensi Nuklear , Perbadanan Putrajaya , Jabatan Perangkaan . TVAlhijrah (HAHAH entah kenapa mohon sini pun tatau lah) and Sephora (ni memang dah takde idea nak mohon kat mana dah ) 

But later , in August I received a call from Bank Negara for an interview . 

And then Tabung Haji also gave me the internship offer , at the very last minute . 

So I made a decision to accept the Tabung Haji offer . 

Alhamdulillah . Surely , Allah's plan is the best plan , ever.  After hardship (the long waiting) comes ease . 

Thank You Allah for giving me the best place for internship . Allah is All Hearing . SubhanAllah . He knows what's best for His servant  . 

Allah tested my patience , He made me waiting . Sometimes I couldnt bare to wait any longer and I questioned Allah why . But without me knowing , Allah wants to give the best . Forgive me Ya Allah . 

And thank You Allah for everything . Alhamdulillah . 



Shaheera Suhaimi said...

Hi Sis! I found ur blog through post pasal ur BNM application then found this post. kebetulan I baru pergi interview KRI. I agree T__T, memang pengalaman pahit manis betul interview tu huhu takmo ingat langsung. It was the 2nd company that interviewed me tapi sungguh mcm langit dgn bumi beza susah interview dia. Balik rasa nak nangis ja. btw, sis apply tabung haji through post mail eh? kalau intern boleh pilih kita nak branch or hq ke? saya stay kat putrajaya, saya ingat kalau mintak tabung haji kena intern kat hq so takde la mohon, rupanya boleh mintak intern kat branch eh?

Nur Adila said...

Apply TH through email and pos haha buat dua dua skali . Tapi masa intern dulu ada student ni by hand hantar resume dekat TH putrajaya tu . Boleh jugak macam tu . Hahahah jgn dikenang iv kri tu 😂 ! Iv kri tu susah sbb dorang usually serap intern kerja kat situ terus .

Nutella said...

Hi sis, i found your entry so helpful and interesting to me, so i would like to know is the tabung haji provide an allowance for an internship program? if yes, how much is it? Thank you sis

Nur Adila said...

Yes . Rm300 per month :)