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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Future plans and dreams


Since Ive done my degree , some of my friends / relatives asked me what's my next planning . Just so you know , I asked myself the same question too . Everyone cares about their own future , right? So do I . 

For my future  , I leave it all to Allah . Allah know best , right . And surely we have to put some effort as well . 

I keep reminding myself that this life is not a race . I myself have my own dreams like I want to be an independent woman , have my own money , can buy my own house and car , have a permanent job at a well known company , can support my family and have a good husband  . InshaaAllah , may Allah make my dreams come true . Amin  . 

But I dont want to rush , I will go and chase my dreams at my own speed .

I hope Allah will ease everything . InshaaAllah :)

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